4th Gear Torque Convertor Lockup Kit Install

Even though the 700r4 4 Speed Auto is a good transmission, when installing in an application with no computer at all ( as in the carbed V-8 94 Astro) a way to lockup up the torgue convertor and release it when braking is needed.

The solution I chose is Bowtie Overdrive's Lockup Kit

I also purchased the optional towing kit which allows you to lock up the convertor in 3rd gear as well as in overdrive, very useful for towing applications.

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Prep Work

Dirty Dirty and Naked

( Left) Yeah, it's a dirty tranny and a dirty filter, and being as it was a used ( but low mileage) transmission I was relieved that there were no signs of overheating or metal particles,in fact, it appeared to have been well maintained.

(Right)With filter removed you can see the old harness, pressure solenoid, and lockup solenoid that will be replaced.

Kit Installed

Old and New Pressure Swiches New Harness Installed

(Left) The old pressure switch is on the left and the new two terminal replacement switch is on the right.

(Right) New harness and solenoids in place.

Finishing Touches

New arness, switches, and gasket Drain and magnet

(Left) Kit is in place, all surfaces cleaned, new filter and new pan gasket.. The gasket tends to curl up, not stay in place, I used a very light coating of wheel bearing grease to hold it flat , it is not recommended that you use any kind of sealant, the gasket does not need it and even a sealer like Permatex tends to oooze out the sides and migrate.

(Right) New pan drain plug installed, also note oversize debris magnet..

Cont'd Tomorrow- External switches, relay, and guages.............