More Innovations in Vanning

The Polish Paint Booth

What do you do when it's the middle of January, it's 20 degrees,you have a tranny ready to install in your van but in need of paint, and the only paint area you have is a covered 2 bay carport open to the wind and weather on the sides?

Simple, you build a paint booth.


700 r4 -Primed, almost dry, ready for paint. Shiny and clean, almost ready to go in shed to have pan pulled for new servo and lockup shift solenoid kit.

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Amazing what you can accomplish with 4 tarps,a handful of zip-ties and duct tape,and a propane salamander heater.


It was 70 degrees plus under the tarps in just 20 minutes, tranny surface, already pressure washed, wire brushed, and cleaned with thinner, was more then warm enough to prime and paint.

After it was dry it was off to the shed for the next steps, new servos,rear seal, tv shift valve,overdrive lockup kit, and pan drain plug.


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