First of all, Many Thanks to Willie, Knighty, and all the Concerned Vanners who helped make this run a great one.Also, a big thank you to Luna for picking up my wife at Logan Airport in Boston and bringing her to the run with him.( A lot of chuckles from my fellow vanners on this one, you have to know Luna and my wife to get the joke)

The trip from the Toledo Ohio area where we now live to the Albany, NY area where the run is held was a change.A 4 hour to a 14 hour run was a BIG change, but it was uneventful, other then getting lost, always a plus.

We did Lost for years from the Syracuse area before we moved to Ohio but the distance and cost from Ohio prohibited us from attending for 4 years,this year we planned and budgeted far in advance and are very glad we did.

I realized all the things I missed about the run,and we will be planning next years attendence far in advance.

On the following pages you'll find many pictures from the eVANt, and as soon as I get the glitches that have appeared in my capture card figured out I will be posting many more from video captures.So, with no further ado, on to the pics!!

Donny "The DJ"

All Nite Vans