Misc Stuff

Balloons, Bands,Campers, and Vanners

Luna, Chef Extraordinaire and SleazeMaster

Okay, who used the Bat Signal?

Vanner Pirate Radio, Thanks, great tunes people!!

Innovative Alternate Transportation.

Excellent Band, Phenomenal Lite Show and Effects

The colors, Man....ohhhhh, the colors!!

Alas, the Band's Canopy Didn't Do much better than a lot of vanner's.

A bit Cynical on our part, but gee, a lot of houses parked around us, then left til the Nats.

Hmmm, the flyer said NO pickups,cars,walkins,or Motorhomes

This took the cake, tow in a small house with a Japanese SUV station wagon to attend the VAN Nats?

As our surroundings gradually took on the look of a KOA.

 The Vanner Memorial

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All Pics by Donny The DJ All Nite Vans © 2005