Summerset 2002

 More Pics to Come

Pat, All Nite Vans,at All Nite's Bar

Gene, All Nite Vans Phil , AKA, Nautic, AKA, The Mouth in the Sky, SVV Performance Was Nice Enough To Set up The Infamous Black Box for Tunes

We go exploring the giant subterranean pipe leading to the showers

All Nite Bar, L to R, JJ and Kenny, Salt City Vans
L to R,Doc Gonzo,Jay AKA Caspar,Nita,Sherry Partying in one of the few dry places on the grounds
Awwww, Ain't That Sweet?? Back to the Bar,Dry Haven for Drunken Louts Costume Contest
Buddy practices his back up career skills I think was supposed to be see no evil, hear no evil, etc, too much time at the bar kinda confused us The band Kim, our al time favorite T-Shirt Vendor


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