Technical Advice and Info Links An Excellent Site. For less then 20 bucks a year you have access to repair manuals,dealer recall information, tech updates. I use it for all my vehicles, Cars as well as Vans.
 Kelley Blue Book- Useful site tells you what the Van or Car you're buying or selling is worth BEFORE you get screwed. Highly Hyped and virtually useless and misleading service.( In my experience)I am including this link just to warn.Unless you suspect the vehicle you are buying has crashed and burned, been submerged or salvaged don't bother. The free VIN background always comes up with 4 to 6 items that you "need to know". After paying 14.95 for one "full" vehicle search you find out the info you "needed to know" was just legal title transfers or something similar.I used this service three times and found out nothing I couldn't have found out at the DMV for free.Useful only if you distrust the vehicle in which case you should probably pass on it anyhow. Lets say you went ahead and bought that lemon . This site has huge resources to help you find local lemon laws and what rights you have, if any. Great site for Advice on Bodywork and Painting .Also has tools and supplies. Advice and Parts for Vans, Pickups, and Cars
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