Yes,they were wacky and wonderful times, Wayyyy back when. Thousands of vans flocked to our events, not caring we were just mercenaries filling our own pockets. We gave them bread and circuses, and Vanning Events (and the grounds we held them on) were never the same, again. We didn't really care about Vanning then, and guess what?
We still don't!!
Anyhow,.......Here are some blasts from the past
Vanfraud's "Frostout I"


This coulda been a fun run, but most of the Vanners froze to death, and the polar bears ate the survivors........

Vanfraud's "Part The Waters I"

This run was doing quite well until somebody removed parts from the dam to build a firepit, but, being true Vanners, this group partied til the waters engulfed them.

Vanfraud's "Basic Bash I"

Things were so bad here, and the vans so few, this won "Best of Show"

Vanfraud's "Fourth Fest I"

This was the last time we allowed fireworks, or even considered a 4th of July theme

Vanfraud's "Vann Olympics I"

Our one and only attempt to hold a Vanner Driving Contest

Vanfraud's "Hot n Nasty I".

These were really nice grounds....but when ya build a really good fire, ya really Hate to let it go out..........

Vanfraud's "Welcome to Dodge City I"

Everyone thought this was a Western theme run, We sorta misled them, Our last attempt to bribe people to come to a run, the selection of prizes was narrow, just Dodges, but that's all that was on the truck we found.......

Note: The Greedvan© Logo, The Name "Vanfraud©" and everything else we could get our paws on is registered with the U.S Patent Office in Washington D.C.,( Not to be confused with a patent office there might be in say, Bumfukt, Egypt) so don't steal them or we'll sue you.

(like they really are ,like you'd want to steal them,and like we really would....hehe)

And remember....Vanning is All About Brotherhood and People!!