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I am including here what I used and links to where I bought my parts. of course, where you buy yours is up to you. Some parts I was able to view online, and order them the same way.Some I was able to view online but had to call and order them. If you find yourself on a website main page it means there is no direct lnk to that part.but there will be a phone number to order parts.In every case where I could, I have provided a direct link to individual parts.

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Under Constuction_I'll be adding more of the list later-I bought a LOT of parts

Crate Engine-350 Universal 4 bolt main Part #10067353 Greenwood Chevrolet
Oil Filter Assembly to hold filter- Part # 3952301 Greenwood Chevrolet
Oil Check Tube-Longer Version of Astro Tube-Part # 14050271 Greenwood Chevrolet
Oil Check Indicator-Dipstick for above part- Part # 14094762 Greenwood Chevrolet
Harmonic balancer 6 3/4" - Part # 6272221 8" Part # 89960604 Greenwood Chevrolet
Motor Mounts-Astro 350 V-8 Conversion-Part # ASTROMTS Car Shop Inc
Headers-Hedman-Astro 350 V-8 Conversion-Part # ASTROHDR Car Shop Inc
Distributor-Mallory Hei - Part # 650-8548201C Jeg's High Performance
Carb-Edelbrock Performer 600 cfm w/electric choke Part # 1406 Jeg's High Performance
Intake Manifold-Edelbrock Performer -Part # 350-2101 Jeg's High Performance
Fuel Filter- Russell Clear Flow Plus-Part # 799-645430 (blue) 799-645420 (red) Jeg's High Performance
Fuel Pressure Regulator with return-Mallory- Part # 650-4207 Jeg's High Performance
Throttle Cable Kit -Lokar-Part # 625-TC-1000U36 Jeg's High Performance
  Jeg's High Performance

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