Here are a list of links where I found useful advice,everything from the actual pull to tranny help
Astro/Safari.Com- Awesome Astro/Safari Site- A lot of info on stock and V-8ing an Astro
Racecraft This site sells a manual and kits specifically for Astro/Safai V-8 Conversions-Downside is assumption is made you are going from fuel injection to fuel injection.I don't advice buying the manual unless you need advice on pulling/installing the engine-no carbed V-8 help, nothing on keeping 4l60/4l80e transmission-I bought it and found it useless for my purposes as I didn't need the engine pulling advice but you might find it useful
JTR Auto- Pics and advice on the Astro V-8 Swap-Also, they have some parts
The Watson Guide Generic advice on engine removal-not Astro specific but useful
 Helms Manuals- Great place to get factory shop manuals for just about anything, not just Astros

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