Zoo Break 2

Pics Page II

A Sign of the Times

Harvey Stone and Dave Senke, Salt City Vans

Ready for a mud bath

Elaine Morris, Cinematographer, Mohawk Vans

A Vertical Vanner Smile

 Brenda Brooker, Aka T.C. ,Aka Twin Carbs, Upstate Vanners

 John Councilman, Upstate Vanners

 Lynn,  Aka Juggs, Aka Huggs,BGFNY

 Joyce and George, Salt City Vans

 Paul Lesveque AKA Reaper, Vagabond Vanners ,passed on 10/3/96

 He Runs, He Jumps!!

If you know who this mud diver  is let me know please. 

Mikey Short, son of Maddog & Joyce  

on left, unknown, on right Joanne, Bgfny 

 Lisa, True Truckers

 Nick, Luna's old catering partner

 Elaine Morris interviews Bob Follet, Aka Pup E Trucker

 Mr Meat, actually  JT Spy said one of these in every goody bag!


 Lisa D., Bgfny